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How did you tear your Quadriceps Tendon?

Over the years of running this blog, I’ve had so many people reach out and share with me how they ruptured their quadriceps tendon(s). The most common cause was usually…

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steven gartner ruptured quadder profile picture

Welcome To My Site Fellow Quadder!

Thanks for visiting my corner of the web. My name is Steven but everyone calls me Scuba Steve 😉 I reside in Mukilteo which is north of Seattle Washington. You must have…

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How long after quad tendon surgery can you drive?

Can I drive my car if I have a Quadriceps Tendon Rupture? This was a question I had immediately after my first quad tear surgery. When I incurred my injury…

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What is the cost of a Quadriceps Tendon Rupture Repair?

I went through my medical files a while back and I came across my old statement from my first surgery repair in 2007. It was interesting to see the differences…

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Quadriceps Tendon Tear Facebook Group

My Private Facebook Group is Growing Strong!

In April of 2020 I decided to finally start a Facebook group for quadriceps tendon rupture injuries. I wanted to start this long ago, but I thought since this is…

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A (reluctant) two-timer quadriceps tendon rupture

Submitted story by Mike I’ve Just stumbled across your site and it’s interesting to read about the experiences of other ‘Quadders’. I’m a (reluctant) ’two-timer’ so here’s my contribution to…

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Getting back to skiing after a Quadriceps Tendon Tear

Today was a fantastic day. Why? Because today was Sunday the 6th and three years and two months ago is when I suffered my dreaded bilateral rupture while skiing at…

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MLB umpire Greg Gibson quad tendon rupture

Quadriceps Tendon Injury Report for June 2020

Article posted by Zack Klemme from The Daily Independent There are at least two ways Greg Gibson could’ve looked at the 85% quadriceps tendon tear that cost him what would…

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Quad Tendon Rupture Physical Therapy via Telemedicine during COVID-19

Physical Therapy via Telemedicine

How can I do Physical Therapy on my Quadriceps Tendon Injury during the COVID-19 pandemic lock-down? During this questionable time with COVID-19, I’ve had a number of people reach out…

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