What are some useful aids and helpful items that will help when suffering from a quadriceps or bilateral quad tendon rupture? Well I am glad you asked. Through trial and error by myself and from the help of many others who have suffered this injury, I have come up with a list of some of the most useful items you might need and find very useful during your recovery process. 

When you tear your quad tendon especially if it is a full rupture and even more so if you have a bilateral tear, you will go through some significant life changes with day to day activities you normally didn’t pay much attention too.  Daily activities such as just walking around, getting in and out of bed, bathroom duties, showering, driving, sleeping and more will seem to be so much more daunting and difficult than before.

Some of the most useful products worth mentioning are a ROM Knee Brace, Pee Bottle, Reaching-Grabbing Tool, Knee Pillow, Leg Lifter, Crutches, Ice Pack and the Seat Cushion for driving. These items were invaluable in my recovery and I have used them in both of my injury recoveries. I will explain further down below, but here are the items that I highly recommend getting:

Knee Sleeves

Seat Cushion

Knee Brace

Exercise Bike

Adjustable Crutches

Knee Pillow

Leg Lifter

Pee Bottle

Reaching Tool

Leg Cover

Raised Toilet Seat

Knee Recovery Aids

Bed Ladder

Gel Ice Pack

Pain Relief TENS Unit

Foldable Walking Cane

Stretch Out Strap


BUSA Balance Ball

Cold Therapy Ice Wrap

So the most essential items in the list above (in my opinion) are as follows:

  • Knee Sleeves – when the time comes to ditch your brace(s) you will still feel very uneasy and nervous walking without the support you were used to with a solid brace. This is especially true when going down the stairs, walking down an incline, wet or icy surfaces. There is nothing wrong with wearing sleeves for a few more weeks after the removal of your brace(s) to give you the reassurance and protection you might need. I would rather be safe than sorry as I have seen quite a few others who have re-ruptured their quad repairs and you don’t want to ever deal with that.
  • ROM Knee Brace – I have stressed many times in my blog the importance of a quality leg/knee brace as the one you will usually receive from the ER or perhaps even after surgery is a substandard type much like I mention in this post.  A solid knee brace that lets you adjust the range of motion is what you want, but more than likely you will be offered that when you visit your orthopedic surgeon usually after the 2 week post op mark. 
  • Leg Lifter
  • Reaching Tool
  • Knee Pillow

I will add more helpful items as I am contacted frequently by readers such as yourself who submit their tips and tricks with this injury and recovery. If you have any product(s) to recommend that aren’t listed, but should be worth mentioning please Contact Me and let me know and I will add them.

Important legal notice: This post contains affiliate links.  I am compensated for many of my product recommendations.  Quad Tendon Rupture is a participant in the Amazon Associates affiliate program.  While I am always careful to only recommend the products I have used and recommend, I want to be open and transparent about our relationship with companies I recommend.