Band of Ruptured Quadders

Thank you Phil from the Knee Guru Forum for inspiring the title of this page. I couldn’t think of a clever title. I figured I’d create a page dedicated to all the people who ruptured their quad tendons and also how they did it. If you would like me to feature your story, send me a message and I will add your info below.

So here they are in no particular order:

Ron Harris

Senior writer for Muscular Development magazine fully tore his right quadriceps on wet pavement while walking his dog. 


In a video posted on Twitter, R-Truth confirmed the injury he suffered on the November 1st episode of WWE NXT while wrestling Grayson Waller.

R-Truth did a dive over the top rope that saw him land awkwardly on the mat. The match was called off and he needed to be helped backstage by the medical staff. Waller then had to cut a promo to fill time.

Before the injury, R-Truth had been making appearances on RAW and NXT. R-Truth confirmed that he suffered a torn quad and is set to undergo surgery. The usual recovery time is 4 to 6 months. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Brad Rowe is a retired IFBB Pro and Olympian, as well as a Celebrity Trainer. There has been lots happening with Brad lately, including training Mike Tyson for his return to the ring. Unfortunately, Brad shared the news that he has ruptured his quad tendon completely off the bone. The injury occurred while shooting hoops, which is nothing out of the ordinary for him. As he jumped, the tendon felt like it exploded, causing him to fall hard to the ground.

I actually heard the news about Bill Clinton’s accident from my doctor when I ruptured my first quad tendon the first time. As the story goes Clinton was at the home of golfer Greg Norman in March 1997. It was there that Clinton caught his heel on a step and tore 50% of his right quadriceps tendon.  He heard very loud pop. He underwent a two-hour operation under regional anesthesia to repair the tendon, followed by weeks with a knee brace and crutches.

Had the operation required general anesthesia, Clinton had planned to transfer Presidential authority to Vice President Gore under terms of the 25th Amendment. What I find crazy is that Clinton was awake during the entire operation and was alert most of the time.


Having followed Bill since the early days of Muscle Media magazine and prior, I was stunned when I read that he had succumbed to the dreaded bilateral quad tendon rupture. I received word via his Facebook page. I did some more research and found the video that is listed below. Bill injured his quads as many people have done and that is by simply walking down a flight of stairs.

Great motivational video on his account of his bilateral quadriceps tendon rupture and his recovery. Hi story about his accident starts at 7:48

NBA Star Demarcus Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins suffered a quad tear during the opening round of the 2018-2019 NBA playoffs with the Golden State Warriors. This is different than the injury we saw Victor Oladipo suffer earlier in the year and he is going to be out indefinitely while he rehabs the strained muscle.


The video below gives all the detail on how wrestling superstar Triple H tore his left quad tendon while in a wrestling match.

At the Royal Rumble Wrestling match, WWE chairman Vince McMahon managed to tear both quad muscles on the way to the ring. With two referees announcing the other man as the winner, Vince McMahon rushed to the ring to settle the decision, but by doing so he ruptured both of his quadriceps jumping into the ring. 


Top rated professional bodybuilder Branch Warren ruptured his right quadriceps tendon while walking in a wet parking lot where he slipped and fell. Follow this link to hear Branch talk about his injury.


All was right with the world of Jean-Pierre Fux. At 280 hard pounds, he was in his best shape in years and relishing the prospect of qualifying for the Mr. Olympia at the Night Of Champions 16 days hence. At 11:23 on Thursday, May 2 2002, Jean-Pierre’s dreams lay in ruins as he lay prostrate on the floor at Gold’s Gym, Fullerton, California, immobilized.

In the midst of doing 675-pound squats at a FLEX photo shoot with Chris Lund, he had suddenly collapsed and crashed to the gym floor. Here is the link to the accident (warning pictures are graphic

Also known to me as the ‘Quad-Father’ since he was the only person I could find with a QTR online at the time when I incurred my first quad injury. Jame suffered the dreaded bilateral quadriceps tendon tear while walking down a flight of stairs while overseas when the injury occurred which made getting an initial assessment that much harder.
When reading about his accident I kept thinking how awful and extremely difficult it must have been to have to deal with both quad tendons torn and now I’m going through the very same thing.’

Defensive End for the Washington Redskins, Adam tore his right quad tendon while playing against the St. Louis Rams in 2012.

IFFB Pro League athlete and one of the biggest bodybuilders I have ever seen, has a video series titled ‘Road to Recovery’ on YouTube. On June 8th 2010, Zack sustained a major injury while hack squatting 700 lbs. He underwent surgery to repair both detached tendons. He documents his rehab and progress with over 100 blog videos. Unfortunately the blog videos that were on YouTube are no longer there.


IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Dave Palumbo

Dave speaks about his injury in India. The video is taken at the New Dehli Hospital after falling. “Earlier this evening Dave Palumbo tore a ligament(s) and possible his quad muscle. The damage so extensive that he needs to go home immediately for surgery. We just got back from the hospital where the knee was drained.”

On 2/9/17 another professional bodybuilder has succumbed to the dreaded QTR . Evan Centopani ruptured his quad as many have done before him and that was by slipping on slippery pavement. Read his full story here.

In April 2018 Instagram and YouTube sensation Calum von Moger ruptured his right quadriceps tendon while repelling off of a cliff in Sydney Australia.

Oladipo suffered a serious right knee injury on January 23, 2019 playing against the Toronto Raptors. The 26-year-old shooting guard was stretchered off the court after he crumpled to the ground while angling for possession in transition. The Pacers announced that he has a ruptured quad tendon in his right knee, will undergo surgery at a date to be announced and will be out for the season.

NBAStar-Victor-Oladipo-quadriceps knee tendon rupture

I had no idea that NBA Basketball Superstar Charles Barkley tore his left quad tendon that ended his career. His career ending injury happened way back in December of 1999. Not following basketball since I was in high school is the main reason I was never aware of it. Having played the sport for years when I was in my youth, I know how demanding it is on your legs so I see it very unlikely for someone to come back like they used to play. Especially at such an elite level that the NBA requires.

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