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Greetings and welcome. My name is Steven Gartner and I wanted to share my experience of having gone through a very serious injury known as Quadriceps Tendon Tear or Rupture. I not only had the privilege of going through this injury once, no that wouldn’t do! I had to experience this injury once more 😉 However the second time I thought I would take it one step further. I decided to rupture both of my quadriceps tendons known as a Bilateral Quadriceps Tendon Tear or Rupture. The grand daddy of them all!

 All kidding aside, this is a very serious and debilitating leg injury, probably one of the worst you can incur and experience. I have been through my lions share of injuries during my lifetime. Lots of sprained ankles, rotator cuff issue, broke my femur while skiing when I was 7 in Austria, but none of my injuries can ever compare to a fully torn quadriceps tendon rupture. Let alone rupturing both.

When I first incurred this injury back in 2007 to my right leg via a jet skiing accident (with it having been very traumatic and stressful), I didn’t feel the need to document my experience. Although looking back now I wish I had. Having suffered my bilateral injury the second time around, I felt a need to share my experience since after doing much research and online searches, I realize that this injury is becoming more and more common among active individuals and any and all advice is helpful to pass on. It was helpful to me for the few people that were available online that documented their experience.

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This ‘blog’ is a work in progress. I will update relevant content as often as I can, but rest assured I want this to be a great resource for anyone having gone through or is currently going through this terrible injury. If you know someone who is or has gone through this injury please share my site to them.

If you are a fellow ‘Quadder‘, please contact me or post anywhere on this site. I feel the more people who contribute and share about their experience the better. We can all learn from each other and our experiences. Every person’s injury is different and every person story is unique and worth sharing with other fellow quadders.

Having gone through this experience not only once but twice, I feel I have a duty to share and maybe give some words of wisdom and/or guidance to others. I know a lot of what I had to overcome and changes I had to make in my daily life to just getting around and doing daily chores are worth noting in my opinion. There isn’t a Quadriceps Tendon Rupture Recovery Manual that your doctor or physical therapist hands out to you. I had to figure out most everything out myself and there is quite a lot you have to figure out as you deal with this injury.

Thank you for visiting my corner of the web and I hope you find this site useful and insightful. If you have content to share please let me know. Again check back often as I will be updating content regularly. Feel free to friend me on Facebook and also take a look at my YouTube channel as I can answer your questions you might have. However the best way to connect with me and so many others now is through my private Facebook Group that I started last year. We are several hundred members strong now and growing all the time.

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