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Thanks for visiting my corner of the web. My name is Steven but everyone calls me Scuba Steve 😉 I reside in Mukilteo which is north of Seattle Washington. You must have found me through an online search perhaps because you have found yourself having fallen subject to this very serious injury. But don’t fret you are not alone. Actually you are in really good company since I have not only been a victim of this injury once, but twice! So I have some knowledge on what all you have and will go through. 
First I suggest you read both of my stories. In 2007 I completely ruptured my right quadriceps tendon from a jet skiing accident. Six years later in 2013 I suffered a bilateral tendon accident while snow skiing. With this accident I again fully ruptured my quad tendon however this time it was my left leg and I partially ruptured my right tendon. You might say that I am one unlucky SOB, but you’re probably saying “when is he going to learn his lesson” LOL! Well trust me I have! In a big way.
Medical Anatomy Image Chart of Quadriceps Muscles and Tendons
Please visit my FAQ which I’m updating frequently as more questions and terms about QTR come up. At any point in time feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. Actually I would welcome it for I love to connect with others who are or have gone through a quad tendon tear and hear their story. How they injured it, how their recovery went and what steps they took for rehabilitation. If you have recently torn your quad(s) and would like to share your story (with your permission of course), let me know and I will add your story to this site. Anyway thanks for taking the time to visit and I hope this site can be of some use to you.
Scuba Steve
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Hiking Vesper Peak in the North Cascades

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