Fellow Quadder Response

A recent email message I received from another unfortunate QTR recipient named Darrell. Here is what he had to share with me:

“I too, am a proud member of the QTR fraternity .. twice. My first occasion happened on March 7, 2008 (missed a stair and the quads Venetian-blinded into my upper thigh). Rigorous sports-physio therapy, a 2nd surgery to remove scar tissue, and lots of hard work later, I did begin running 10K’s again, a year later.

On Dec 14th, 2017 I did other leg, while shoveling snow, and turning on some ice beneath the snow, only o hear it “snap” before falling. I spent the next 15 mins crawling to the house and up the outside steps thinking, “Holy crap, this again?” Before I knocked on the front door, I had thoughts of the long journey ahead, and felt very bad for my saint-angel wife, Claire. But this 2nd recovery has been different .. in that you know what you have to do, and have more confidence in a positive outcome.

I’ve avoided any pain meds this time and after 3 weeks of straight leg in the mummy-brace, immediately had the ROM brace set to 15 degrees, rehabbing daily, and increasing by ROM by 30 degrees every 2 weeks. Whereas the last time I was stuck at 60 degrees (scar tissue), on Day 53 third time, I’m already at 75 and will be at full brace range of 105 soon, I’m sure. I recall the words of my physio the 1st time, saying: ‘length before strength’, which means, focus on regaining ROM and then work on regaining quad strength, secondarily. Thanks for this site, Steve. I send it out to the folks who don’t understand what a QTR is and think it a simple injury. They don’t think so after reading the funny, sad, and candid journey stories on your terrific site. Thanks .. shake a leg !! ”

Thank you so much for sharing the info Darrell and unfortunately I have to say welcome to the QTR fraternity.

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