Interview with Evan Centopani

Great interview with Ron Harris and Evan Centopani who tore his right quad earlier this year. Evan had torn his left quad back in 2017.

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Week 3 of Calum von Moger’s Physical Therapy

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How To Recover From Injuries (Quad Tear Story & Mindset)

Just found this video featuring Rodney aka Rodzilla who suffered a bilateral quadriceps tendon rupture while squatting 600 pounds. He talks about utilizing the pool for rehabilitation much like I used…

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Zack Khans Road To Recovery from Bilateral Quadriceps Rupture

Original article by Greg Merritt via Flex Magazine. The Wrath of Khan The enduring comeback of  bodybuilding’s underground sensation Zack “King” Khan Let’s go back to June 8, 2010, when…

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Calum von Moger Ruptures his Quadriceps Tendon

I just got word about YouTube and Instagram sensation Calum von Moger’s quad tendon rupture while repelling off a cliff near Red Leaf Beach in Sydney Australia. Upon looking at…

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IFBB PRO Big Ron Partlow Suffered Quad Tendon Tear

Although published on December of 2016 I thought this was worth a share detailing Ron’s quadriceps tendon rupture. “IFBB PRO Big Ron Partlow is DOWN!! However, we know Ron well…

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Another IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Suffers A Quad Tendon Tear

On 2/9/17 another professional bodybuilder has succumbed to the dreaded QTR . Evan Centopani ruptured his quad as many have done before him and that was by slipping on slippery…

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