Bilateral Quadriceps Ruptured Roommates

The whole purpose of this blog is to tell and share my story to others that have or are currently going through a quadriceps tendon rupture or bilateral injury. Since having started this blog sometime ago, I have been receiving emails from people all over the country about their experience. My latest fellow quadder named Mike, emailed me and shared with me his story:

“I tore both my quad tendons missing a step at my house. I was 8 days post-op from left rotator cuff surgery. This was Oct 22, 2015. The funny thing is my roommate in the hospital was a fireman that had torn both of his quad tendons stepping off an ambulance an hour before I did mine. We were semi-famous at our hospital because of how rare the injury is.”

There is a first time for everything and sharing a hospital room with another fellow bilateral quadder? What are the odds? Thank you Mike for reaching out to me and sharing your story. Here’s to a speedy recovery for both you and your roommate 😉 I will add you to the Band of Ruptured Quadders.

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