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What is the best knee leg brace for a Quadriceps Tendon Rupture?

The sexy blue leg brace above is usually what is issued to you after your visit to the ER or what you will receive from the hospital after surgery if…

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Should I get a Femoral Nerve Block before Quadriceps Tendon Surgery?

Absolutely you should and I answer that in my post below. But first, let’s take a trip down memory lane shall we? I remember when I was all prepped for…

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Temporary Handicap Parking Placard

Temporary Disabled Parking Permit

When you have your 2 week follow up with your OS, make sure you get your temporary disabled parking application form from him/her. Also make sure the form is signed,…

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NBAStar-Victor-Oladipo-quadriceps knee tendon rupture

Victor Oladipo Injury Quad Tendon Rupture

Official news just came out that Victor Oladipo suffered a ruptured quad tendon and will undergo surgery and miss the remainder of the season. I came across this video and…

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Week 3 of Calum von Moger’s Physical Therapy

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Health Insurance

It was the day after my ski accident (1/17/2013) and just out of the blue it hit me, that I had totally spaced on filling out and sending in the…

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Scuba Steve! DAMN YOU!

So what’s up with the Scuba Steve? Well it’s not because of my love for hiking 😉 Truth be told I’ve been scuba diving since I was 16 years old….

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Physical Therapy and Quadriceps Tendon Rupture

Having gone through this injury a second time I really saw the importance of quality physical therapy. When I injured myself back in 2007, I was referred to a really…

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