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Quadriceps Tendon Tear Facebook Group

In April of 2020 I decided to finally start a Facebook group for quadriceps tendon rupture injuries. I wanted to start this long ago, but I thought since this is such a rare injury that this would make this group way too niche and I figured there wouldn’t  be any engagement or followers. Boy how wrong I was. After going through all the emails I have received over the years from this blog, my book on Amazon and some from the couple of videos I posted on YouTube, I decided to add all those contacts to the Facebook group. It didn’t take long before I had 100 members and the engagement was immediate. People who just succumbed this injury started to share their stories right away and ask questions which where answered by other members who were much farther along in their recovery process.

Although this is still a very niche group and it always will be, it is growing slowly yet steadily every month. As of this post we currently have 305 members and I receive around 3-8 new member requests weekly. This is fantastic since as the group grows, more content is added making it rank higher in the search engines allowing more people to find us who are going through this terrible injury.

The members of this amazing group are quick to chime in with answers to all sorts of questions relating to quad tendon tears. From recovery and rehab protocols to tips & tricks and more. What I really find fascinating is hearing every member’s personal story and how surgeries and recovery protocols can vary from region to region. 

This group is not only inspiring and encouraging but hopeful as the people (including myself) who have been there know what the recovery timeline looks like. Knowing what to expect and how long it can take for recovery and sharing this with the newbies is encouraging since they have more hope and something to look forward to. This was not the case for me when I got injured back in 2007 & 2013. There was very little information about QTR on the internet let alone a fantastic support group such as this. So I am very happy that I created and started this group.

Moving forward I want to be more engaged with the group meaning I want to do a bi-weekly or perhaps weekly video Q&A either via Facebook Live or Zoom. I also want to create a few videos on QTR specifics such as what to expect after you suffered this injury and a recovery timeline. There are a lot of similar questions asked in the beginning so I’d like to have a video resource for people so they can watch and learn especially if their questions didn’t get answered quick enough. So if you are a fellow quadder or have just recently injured your quadriceps tendon I encourage you to please join my Facebook group. You will be glad you did.

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