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Bilateral Quadriceps Ruptured Roommates

The whole purpose of this blog is to tell and share my story to others that have or are currently going through a quadriceps tendon rupture or bilateral injury. Since having started this blog sometime ago, I have been receiving…

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How To Recover From Injuries (Quad Tear Story & Mindset)

Just found this video featuring Rodney aka Rodzilla who suffered a bilateral quadriceps tendon rupture while squatting 600 pounds. He talks about utilizing the pool for rehabilitation much like I used in the beginning. I feel strongly that the pool is…

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Zack Khans Road To Recovery

Original article by Greg Merritt via Flex Magazine. The Wrath of Khan The enduring comeback of bodybuilding’s underground sensation Zack “King” Khan Let’s go back to June 8, 2010, when you ruptured the tendons in both knees hack squatting with 700…

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