Female Quadriceps Tendon Rupture Report

So one of the things I noticed with my research and talking with a lot of people who have suffered this injury is that very few accounts are mentioned with women who deal with this type of injury. Or at least very few that we hear about via online social media postings. I was so honored when I received this email from Wendi. She writes to me:

“Hey! I see that I’m one of the very few women with a QTR. I’m a 46 yr old personal trainer and group fitness instructor. I tore my left QT while teaching a class 4 days ago. We were doing side shuffle drills with vertical jumps. I landed & immediately felt the tearing sensation in my quad. 

My surgeon said that not only is it an extremely rare injury, but he’s never seen it in a female. I’m having surgery next week. I’m very active and love to lift, run, jump, cycle, swim, dance etc so I hope to resume close to normal levels of activity by the end of the year. 

Regards, Wendi”

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