How To Recover From Injuries (Quad Tear Story & Mindset)

Just found this video featuring¬†Rodney aka Rodzilla who suffered a bilateral quadriceps tendon rupture while squatting 600 pounds. He talks about utilizing the pool for rehabilitation much like I used in the beginning. I feel strongly that the pool is…

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Calum von Moger Quad Tendon Rupture

I just got word about YouTube and Instagram sensation Calum von Moger’s quad tendon rupture while repelling off a cliff near Red Leaf Beach in Sydney Australia. Upon looking at his Instagram account it looks to be his right quadriceps…

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Another IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Suffers A Quad Tendon Tear

On 2/9/17 another professional bodybuilder has succumbed to the dreaded QTR . Evan Centopani ruptured his quad as many have done before him and that was by slipping on slippery pavement. “It had snowed the night before and I was…

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